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Services and Rates

Cats are very different from dogs when it comes to grooming. They stress more easily than dogs and also tend to have more varied behavior. One day they may be very tolerant of grooming and another day very intolerant. Since cats generally groom themselves, they don’t require a grooming appointment until they are adults. Adult cats who are not used to being bathed, dried and/or clipped are generally very apprehensive and not afraid to defend themselves. Many groomers do not groom cats because they are more difficult to groom. Additionally, their skin is much more susceptible to accidental nicks and cuts. Excessive matting adds to the risk of injury. And a bite from a cat is much more serious than a bite from a dog.


So why does Bark In Style Mobile Pet grooming groom cats? Simply put, some cats need grooming. Sometimes they need to be groomed because the owner can stand the shedding anymore or maybe someone in the household is allergic and wants to minimize dander. But often, owners call because their cat has become very matted. Cats who are de-clawed, overweight or elderly may not be able to properly manage their coat without help from humans. Even cats who do not fit in this categories can get severely matted. So, there are cats in need of grooming and their owners are faced with limited options.


Some grooming  shops will groom cats, but the cats are generally kenneled and or groomed near dogs. The smells, sounds, chaos can cause tremendous stress on the cat, even one who lives with a dog. The alternative is taking your cat to the vet. This can be very costly, especially if the cat is sedated for the groom, and often requires your cat to stay all day.


Bark In Style Mobile prides itself in grooming cats without the need of sedation. The quiet and calm of the mobile salon is ideal for a cat. There will be no dogs or other cats present. Your cat will not be stressed by the car to the vet or the groomer. Cats require patience, but they do not like to be kept waiting.


What kind of hair cuts can a cat get? If your cat is getting matted on his tummy or rear, we may be able to clip those areas and leave the rest long. If the cat is matted all over, it will probably need to be shaved short.


These are some things to keep in mind if you make an appt for the cat. We reserve the right to stop the grooming appt if at any time your cat (or the groomer) became to stressed to continue. You will owe the pro-rated fee for the time spent. Sometimes, cats will not allow us to dry them 100% with a blow dryer so your kitty is likely to come home a little damp.  The goal is to get your cat clean and beautiful in as little time, and with as little stress, as possible.


Current Cat Grooming Rates as of 5/13/2024

Cat Basic Service $145

(includes nail clipping, ear cleaning, brushout and clipping of tummy/rear area)


Cat Lion Cut $185

(includes everything in the Basic Service plus a full body hair cut)

Please note that for safety reasons, we do not groom cats over the age of 13.

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